Living Documents for ACS Members

The following items are intended as ‘living’ documents for the use of members of the Achill Choral Society. The versions here will be kept updated as they are modified.  The top two documents should be understood by all members.

ACS CONSTITUTION – 2020 of the Achill Choral Society (updated 2020)

ACS – Code of Ethics – 2003 that is expected from the Membership and the Director (updated 2003)


ACS – Policies and Procedures – 2017 (The first sections of this document are the Preparedness policies and procedures, including Audition and Probation; Auditioning and Probation Procedures; an outline of the Auditioning Process; the Probation Procedures; and the Attendance and Preparedness Procedures. The rest of the document outlines the expectations on the President and the Board regarding communication within the choir.)

ACS – Long Range Plan – 2017 (planned to be reviewed every year by the ACS Board; to be updated every five years; last updated in 2017)


ACS A Brief History as of 2008 … Anyone want to update this? …

EcclesiasticalLatinPronunciation One of two documents that might help with Latin pronunciation.

Ecclesiastical Latin A second of two documents that might help with Latin pronunciation.

ACS video recording notes 2021Oct. How to record your personal video submission

Advertising Forms for Virtual Ads Winter 2021. These are the three forms you can use to solicit ads for our virtual Winter Concert Comfort and Joy.:    ACS Advertising Letter 2021.   ACS Advertising Form 2021.   ACS VIRTUAL ADVERTISING SCREEN SHOTS 2021


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